What is meant by Infographics and its uses?

I want to know what is info graphics and how it will help SEO???
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Infographics only means that you take a bunch of statistics and present them as cool graphics instead of just cold, text data.

As an example, you may discover that 30% of the population like playing tennis, other 10% like flying and 20% like riding but 50% like football (or soccer)

You can write those figures (which I just made up) or you can create cool, nice graphics that represent those figures (it can be the tranditional bars, a circular graph or something incredibly original)

People like infographics (when they can understand them, of course) and like to have valuable info. That’s how they help with your marketing strategy and therefore your SEO because good data, relevant info is always good. And if you present it in an attractive way, even better.

Infographics means graphical representation of information and it also helps in understanding complex information easily, quickly and clearly.
Examples- Chart,Diagram, Engineering drawing, Graph of a function, Map, Photograph, Pictogram, Statistical graphics, Table, Technical drawings, Technical illustration. With the help of these people easily attracted towards the site because what they want they can easily understand in this way traffic increases to a website and it also helps in increasing in the page rank.

Remember, though, if you’re using graphics to convey information, you need to ensure the same information is available to those who can’t see the images - such as the visually impaired and search engines. Remember to make proper use of alt text, titles, etc. If the search engines can’t understand your graphics, you may find they have a negative, rather than positive, impact on your site.

Infographics are beneficial for SEO because they can be very interactive, and they encourage people to share them and promote your site.

Here are some examples of good infographics: http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design-tips/information-graphics-1232836