Are functional AND functional reactive programming important?

I’m novice with JS and am finally diving deeper into it. My knowledge so far hinge’s on Crockford’s “JS: The Good Parts” and I’m building from there. That includes introducing myself to OOP within JS, Node.js, and Angular.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of OOP work in Java/Processing and I have to say, I love that kind of straight forward OOP thinking. Anyway, I want to know if functional AND/OR functional reactive programming is important or seems important professionally.

Does anyone see those programming paradigms and being very relevant in the industry? I’m asking purely for career purposes. As I read about functional, reactive, programming, I realize it’s similar to a flow-based language I also use, MaxMSP. I just find that interesting.


anything that gets the job done is relevant. and since JS is a functional programming language functional programming can at times get the job better done than OOP.

When we made we did it completely in a functional/frp way, both front end and back end. I would personally say they are extremely relevant.

That’s great to know. I find myself preferring OOP with more OOP friendly languages and I’m considering diving further into functional and FRP paradigms. I have a possibly absurd question: Any thoughts on these programming styles?

From my general experience, I have personally found that when functional is done correctly it can lead to much cleaner simpler code and concepts.

If you are interested in getting better with functional concepts give this book a try. It is a different language than javascript, but many of the things in the first third of the book are quite transferable to javascript, and what better place to steel concepts from than a language that pushes functional paradigms to their limits.

recently I found this book about Functional Programming with JavaScript.

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