API number of records returned limited to 100

My application database has about 1500 records in it and I would like to pull all of those records into a different application. Each API call can return a maximum of 100 records. As of now, I am able to use fetch and return 100 records in this call and I can see them in the console. Is there a way to make multiple calls and fetch all of these records and display them at once in the console?

Note that 1500 records are the current number of records so this number will increase and I cant hard code this number.

Can someone point out the tutorial on how to implement this?


Does your API allow you to specify a “start” position? If it does, that would surely allow you to retrieve blocks of 100 records at a time to store locally. Loop through increasing the start position until you don’t get any more records back.

How will you know which ones to retrieve in a day / week / month? Does the API have a “records since a given date” or will you have to download them all again?

I am really wondering. You talk about „your application database“. So if it is your database, what is preventing you from query all records at once?

You are right this is not my database. My bad. I try to edit the text but it keeps giving me an error

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