Anyone tried bluocms? Static Multi website cms

Hi everyone,

I recently found Bluocms - which claims to offer features like multi-site management, rendering to static files on Cloudflare, and real-time collaboration. While these features sound promising, I have some serious concerns.

Firstly, Bluocms appears to be quite new, and there’s very little information available about the project online. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to gauge its reliability and long-term viability.

Additionally, I couldn’t find any details about pricing. This is a significant issue for me as it makes budgeting and planning almost impossible.

Another major concern is the absence of screenshots or a demo. This makes it hard to get a feel for the user interface and overall user experience. It’s crucial to see how a CMS looks and operates before making any commitments.

Here are some specific concerns I’d like to hear feedback on:

  1. Performance: Can it handle high traffic sites efficiently? Are there any performance bottlenecks when rendering static files?

  2. Scalability: Is the system capable of scaling as the number of sites increases? Have users encountered any limitations or challenges in this regard?

  3. Real-time collaboration: How effective is the real-time collaboration feature? Are there issues with multiple users editing the same content simultaneously?

  4. Integration: How well does Bluocms integrate with existing workflows and tools? Are there any compatibility problems?

Additionally, if you know of any good alternatives that offer similar features—multi-site management, static file rendering on Cloudflare, and real-time collaboration—please share those as well.

Has anyone here tried Bluocms or knows any website built with it? I would greatly appreciate your insights and experiences. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping me decide whether to consider this CMS.

My use case is to handle multiple websites for many different clients within one cms and have a good performance (both editing and the final website).


  • Their site was indexed by Google more than 10 years ago. In that time:
  • Their site has spaces where Pricing and FAQ links should be, but are just plain text.
  • All links on their pages set off my corporation’s automated ban on Gambling sites.
  • No Download links.

Run. Run away. Run away as fast as possible.


The performance, scalability, real-time collaboration, and integration capabilities are unclear due to limited user feedback. For similar features, consider more established alternatives like Netlify CMS, Contentful, or Strapi.