Need your help with CMS

My name is Piotr and I am a student at Edinburgh Napier University studying Web Technologies. As part of my course I am required to write a dissertation on a topic of my choice, therefore this dissertation is designed to enable me to understand differences and similarities of Open Source (Wordpress, Drupal, Wiki, Joomla etc.) and Commercial (SiteCore, EpiServe, Ektron, Alterian, Amaxus, Sitefinity etc.) Content Management System within user point of view.

I am aware of the busy schedules of everyone, but I would appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes to answer my questionnaire. I would appreciate honest answers so that varied responses can be collected. This questionnaire is completely anonymous and will only be handled by myself and my supervisor if need be.

I would appreciate it if this questionnaire could be completed and returned to me by the 30th of February 2012. Thank you in advance for your co-operation in taking your time to complete my questionnaire, it is much appreciated.

link to questionnaire

Thank You for your time spent:)

Well, I don’t use CMS so the questions were redundant otherwise I might have filled it in.

thanks for reply, If you know someone who use CMS, that would be great if you pass it through, mostly i need some people who use commercial CMS, as far as i can see it is difficult to find them:)

could someone else fill the questionnaire, i need more answers from commercial CMS users. thanks in advance;)

I got some responses from this forum, thank you guys, for those guys who have not do the questionnaire, i would suggest to do it now:) Cheers