Anyone take the leap

to FF4?

I just did (against my instincts), but unfortunately it shattered all of my add ons - most importantly my 3rd party pword manager. As usual going backwards again was extremely difficult.
Not sure why, but FF4 was also glacially slow for me; then again I never gave it much chance to settle in and sort itself out.

Anyway, I’m looking for generalized feedback on FF4.

edit - other than not really being super functional for me, I was impressed by way more efficient use of real estate and an intuitiveness I’ve never really associated with FF before

I would think that, as Web Developers, we would update to the latest browser as soon as humanely possible. If not to check our websites to see if they still work, but because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

I’ve been using FF4 all throughout the beta stages and it’s been a solid browser, although I am still extremely annoyed about Mozilla deciding, despite the uproar, to remove the RSS button from the address bar. That change may just kill off RSS.

All in all, it’s a better browser than FF3, but they’re starting to get behind the times with Chrome constantly updating. We should have seen FF4 months ago and now the Firefox team has a lot of work to do to ensure that it doesn’t go the way of IE.

Well, there you have it then. I am NOT a developer and have actually been known to actively avoid webdev projects in the past several years, aside from tinkering with the bits that interest me.

I can’t even remember why I stopped using Chrome. Abysmal bookmark management or something, I think. I’ll give it another go.

I backed up my firefox 3.6.x profile, then upgraded to 4. I did not like the the look of the UI at all. And hardly any of the extensions I had installed were compatible with FF4. So, I uninstalled it, deleted the FF4 profile, installed 3.6.x and restored the 3.6.x profile.

I may try it again in a few months, but I’m sticking with 3.6.x for now. Though, I may jump back to Opera to see if they fixed things with their latest release (there were problems with websites loading as blank pages). The only reason I’d jump back to opera is because firefox 3.6.x freezes periodically and crashes after using 1.5GB of RAM.

Apart from some minor compatibly issues with the odd Add-on it’s pretty good. I didn’t like the idea of removing the status bar or the ‘new look’ (so installed a retro theme) but you can get add-ons that emulate the status bar. Though now I have kind of got used to it anyway… For me it seems to render certain pages a lot faster.

I switched to FF4 when beta 10 or 11 came out and I haven’t looked back. I’m a stickler for minimalistic interfaces, so FF4 is right up my ally in that regard!
I just have a tab bar at the top, with the URL bar, some bookmarks and some add-on buttons below the tab bar. And that’s all, those 2 bars are all the UI I see, and I love it :slight_smile:

It’s also a lot faster in running JS and -to a lesser extent- rendering pages. Especially with gmail there’s a huge difference.

With regard to the plugins, most of the ones I had worked, and the ones that didn’t I edited to change their compatibility and they all work fine.

Very interesting Scallio! I too love minimalist interface, and for some reason, tabs above the addy bar are an immediate selling point for me!
I love the new interface. I use my TV as a monitor too, so my vertical real estate is something I treasure.

Lol xhtml. That’s one of the things I didn’t really like too! That status bar is like a security blanket for me. I suppose I’d get used to just having a little box instead of the bar. It’s good to know there’s a fix if I just can’t deal.

Force Flow, where did you find a 3.6.x install package? I found one, but not super easily. I admit, I updated a bit impulsively, my ducks weren’t really in a row.
Actually, I probably have one somewhere in all this rubbish I collect. With ultra cheap storage these days they should start a Hoarders: the electronic version

Mozilla had a link up for a while, but it looks like they took it down now.

Otherwise, I usually head to filehippo: Download Firefox 3.6.17 -