I like shiny things

And Chrome is pretty shiny, actually. I suspected it was silver spray paint…

A question
How do you get your bookmark bar to display in a vertical sidebar instead of using up horizontal real estate?

I noticed that. It uses real estate very well (aside from it’s obsession with using it horizontally for bells and whistles. Horizontal real estate is much more premium than vertical, it seems almost against this efficiency philosophy).

It’s fast, could almost be a browsing browser once I got used to it’s ‘hyper minimalist, hide EVERYTHING’ nature. FF is gonna stay my boy I think.

I have to be missing something concerning bookmarking though, it has the worst bookmark management of any browser I’ve ever seen.

I liked Chrome at first, then saw that my website does not look correct in it so I corrected the problem by switching back to Opera and Firefox :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding; I’ll fix the site for Chrome sometime.

I’m mainly using Firefox now and don’t really notice a speed difference between Firefox and Chrome.

Woot, Chrome is now the default. This browser is a freaking rocket!

Now I have more trouble ignoring the fact that my “crossbrowser” script to bookmark a certain target url (or whatever it’s called now) doesn’t work in Chrome! Apparently Chrome thinks it’s Netscape in that regard. Or so I hear.

That Alex, is completely awesome.
I hated the way you either pinned your bookmarks in a tab (and had to completely switch tabs to see them) or burn up your real estate with a horizontal bar.

I wanted vertical because I run 1360 width but 768 height is my max. I’ve width to spare.

That is all kinds of awesome, thanks Alex!

I find Chrome fast but lack in features and not user friendly so I’m sticking with Mozilla.

BLZ, not sure it’s what you’re after but if you want to shave off a heck of a lot of UI real estate, install this extension:


Basically it adds an icon to the extension menu which upon clicking produces an easy to navigate dropdown menu of all your bookmarks. You can basically hide and dispose of the bookmark bar and use it in preference. It’s not something down the side but it is vertical, and uses a heck of a lot less real estate. :slight_smile:

PS: ZXT, It’s a good thing that Chrome hasn’t become as bloated as Firefox (which runs as slowly as Safari) and I prefer the simplified and less bloated UI. Out of the box it runs faster (independently proven), supports more standards (again, proven) and is a cleaner product (less of a memory hog) than Firefox (I even dumped Opera for it). Not saying it’s perfect, but it’s better than Firefox by a long shot. The only redeeming feature of Firefox is the number of extensions it has available.

the other thing I don;t like about Chrome is its settings are dependent to IE. So for example, it follows whatever IE proxy address unlike firefox than can be different.

To get more real state from FF, I just remove most of the tool bars and just stick with Menu and Navigation tool bar.

Well I first use chrome, It seems cools, But when I compare many fonts of my website was not in correct format as it was there in firefox, so I switched back to firefox…

I was using chrome after explorer. But it was some missing few things that i found in Firefox. And i feel very comfortable using Firefox with its ads-on.

chrome I love it…google is great…yeah some times it shows some problem like chome is crush but its flash problem…other wise chome is cool!

Drag and drop what?

Does anyone use more than one browser? I seem to have trouble figuring out which one to use. I think that certian browsers are required for some applications.

Firfox is better shiny than chrome, i like it very much.