Anyone know of anything similar to litebox but more advanced

Does anyone know of a good script that is similar to lightbox but will allow me to insert regular html content such as forms and links. Basically I need it so once a person clicks on a link a litebox type div pops up with the grey background and inside the content area of that popup will be something similar to another html page. This would be greatly appreciated. I have a big project due in 2 weeks and if I can not find this I’m screwed BIG TIME!

I’ve found that shadowbox.js pretty easy to use and has options for that.

ColorBox is worth a look.

The Lightbox Clones Matrix has a filterable list of lightbox scripts. Not sure how up to date it is.

Highslide seems to do what you want, although I’ve not used the HTML content option myself.

I use a script called FacyBox for that. Works fine and you can specify a lot of things (mostly in the code, not in the UI)