Alternative to Lightbox But With a Similar Look & Feel

I was looking for an alternative to lightbox 2 which has a similar look & feel to lightbox that is either stand-alone JS or based on jQuery and supports swf.

Most of the lightbox alternatives I’ve found don’t seem to be very intuitive for visitors (close button in odd places, the prev/next buttons in odd places, excessive use of animations, etc)

Is there anything that’s around that you like to use?

Thanks :slight_smile:

With Lytebox you can aswel change your CSS file if you don’t like the looks. Same for the buttons and images…
I guess that’s the same for all other lightbox/colorbox/thickbox scripts, you can just modify the css if you don’t like the template.

For example, right here I added rounded corners to the CSS. But it doesn’t work in IE, so there it stays like it was.

Colorbox is nice:

I use this one at the moment:

If it suits you, Sir, use it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

lytebox is closer to what I’m looking for in terms of the look & feel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it supports swf :frowning:

Does colorbox support the left/right areas on an image for going forward and back in a group of photos? There was one example that had permanent image buttons, but nothing similar like in lytebox or lightbox 2.

A few years ago I used one called thickbox. It supported SWF. Well, if not SWF directly, it supported HTML which you could embed a SWF in.

Not sure if it’s got new versions for the latest browsers though, or if it’s still “around”.

Might be something for you to look into though: Thickbox.

Yeah, they discontinued it. The last update was about 3 years ago.

Also: Lightbox clone matrix (list of them)

And if that’s not enough: