Can anyone suggest a light box that is relatively easy to set up and will output html content?

I’ve been using Slimbox2 for some years and really like it. It doesn’t output HTML, as such, which isn’t a good idea anyway. You create a simple, accessible HTML structure, which is styled into a nice lightbox where JS is enabled, but falls back to fully usable thumbnails with links where JS is not available.

Happy to help with the setup if required. :slight_smile:

EDIT: just realised I may have misunderstood what you mean by “will output html content”.

What I have is this:

and what I want it to do is when someone clicks one of the book covers, to open a description of the book in a lightbox. Alternatively,what I could do is rearrange the thumbvs vertically and do something like this: but I’m not sure how that is done. Looks like it might be an I-frame but I’m not sure I can get that into my CMS (modx).

OK, perhaps a better lightbox option for text might be fancybox. (Seems I answered the same thing a couple of years ago, with some other options as well.)

If going with the other layout, I’d suggest doing something like tabs. E.g. you could repurpose this or this, replacing the tab text with images.

From an SEO perspective, I think the tab thing might be a better choice and probably easier to implement than a light box.

Thanks Ralph. You actually helped me reach a clearer decision here!

Another alternative might be Highslide, which has options for all kinds of permutations.

You’re welcome Linda. On average, I suspect the lightbox option might be more accessible and possible better for SEO. Tabs tend not be be great for accessibility. Anyhow, there are many compromises required on the web.