Anyone know of a good SIMPLE shopping cart

I’m looking for a very basic very simple shopping cart something that I can easily put onto my site instead of having to build my site around it (ie zencart) which I find horrible and time consuming.

Basically I’m looking for something that I can toss on my site then the person clicks checkout and it takes them to paypal. It obviously needs some minor things such as shipping address and ability to add quantity.

Simplicity and easily modifiable.

Thx. I found something simpler and better it actually does it the EXACT way I want it. with the AJAX already pre-coded. Its “PERFECT”.

Check out JCart.

You can find the installation here. But honestly its so simple that you probably wont even need it.

Best and simplest cart I’ve ever seen.

I find almost every customer we have dealt with has something that needs to be customized. If the plan is simple, then any number of scripts will work fine. And it is pretty easy to “throw” up some code that will add things to a cart, check out from paypal, and receive the message back. But then you have to ask about order tracking, SSL, an admin login, etc. It tends to be more customization than it seems at the start.

here is a PERFECT example of what I’m looking for. Something that I can integrate to look like this.

The problem with paypal is the shopping cart is “external” I need to have the shopping cart as a part of the site. I was actually trying to get something that I could even integrate into AJAX allowing it to update without refreshing the page and the user could see it right there on screen as they shop. Currently I don’t believe paypal has anything like that.

Yep, PayPal, Google checkout etc are the simplest options. For a nicer look, you could also integrate something like BigCartel, FastSpring or Mal’s Ecommerce (there are hundreds of others).

Paypal buy buttons do all that :slight_smile:

The simplest cart I know of is - it’s really a checkout system - you build your own pages however you want and PHPcart just takes care of the the cart and ordering.

sorry ya a pop up comes up you have to pick your province then they give your city then they give you prices and deals based on where you live. But basically its a list with an amount text box and a add button beside each list item u enter your amount u click add… and the page doesn’t refresh but the content in the text box is deleted and to the right you see it added to the shopping cart via AJAX. Now I’m thinking jcart might work but I am not sure if there is anything better… and I tried ZenCart it is ridiculous because its so darn difficult to incorporate into my site… See I already have the site built and I’m looking to seamlessly put the shopping cart in. Doesn’t have to be ‘exactly’ as I stated but close would be nice.

P.S - zencart is garbage unless you’re looking to mildly modify it, its very difficult to incorporate. Or you my additionally purchase a template. I think its beyond difficult to modify… too many variables, functions, and requires tossed left and right felt like I was running around int circles to find what everything did.

Why? Just because of the look? Because you can skin some external carts to look exactly like you own, so that customers never know they’ve technically left the site for a while.

Hosting the cart yourself is a lot more responsibility, and you have to deal with SSL etc. To host the cart yourself you usually need CMSs like ZenCart, which you don’t want.

here is a PERFECT example of what I’m looking for.

Incidentally, I couldn’t view that site, because a dirty, ugly popup got in the way that I couldn’t get rid of. Ewww.

Yes. I am late to notice this thread. Jcart is good one. I have experience in Jcart. Even I have integrated AIM and Direct credit card order payment at Jcart with Admin user interface to manage orders. This feature Jcart does not provide. Still I have that Jcart integrated code.