Anyone know about Plurk?

Anyone here? who know about plurk? is it good for social networking?

Shaly Criston

looks like a Twitter clone to me. Why go with brand X when brand a is for free?

Yes. I was an active member of that site before and overall, it was a pretty good site. However, I decided to shift to Twitter due to its high page authority and volumes of relevant contents written by popular bloggers.

Plurk is Good Social media I’m regularly using This site… and its really beneficial for me… as i’m getting backlinks from this site. So you may go for the same.

Thanks to share your opinion here. :slight_smile:

Plurk is micro social networking site where you can plurk thinks as tou tweet in twitter and add friends and follow them.

Hello @seemashah,

What are you Using Plurk to social networking?

As website like Facebook and twitter has great communities and networks, Here on Plurk we can also do the same but the contribution to this site by other people and friend circles is necessary. Without their contribution this can not be social network. In other hand you can say Plurk is micro - blogging.

It’s micro networking site, Plurks provide tweet postings like deliciously digestible short messages.

Agree, But one thing I admire about Plurk is that you can customize your profile (CSS same as with Friendster’s first boom) and you can also download some ready made profile theme in the internet. Also like all other social networking site, you can also sync your account in Plurk (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Yeah, it does look like some sort of a Twitter clone, but I think the timeline interface is a lot more comfortable to work with rather than having to scroll down to look for the original post. I know Twitter has made some changes to make it easier for users to track conversations, but Plurk just shows you the root Plurk in your timeline, and shows all of the replies to that said Plurk once you click it. Brand A (Twitter) is all good for me because I can get to follow a lot of people there from both the industry I’m in and the famous people that I would like to follow on social media.

off course plurk is a good social networking sites which helps to generate back links for website as well as contribute by other members on their opinion.

Even if this isn’t a place where you can really talk about SEO, I’m here to say that I don’t see Plurk as a place where you can just drop the links all you want. There’s a point system there that they call “Karma” that goes up when you actively participate, and goes down when they detect you spamming in the last four hours. Yes, you can share links, but if you’re going to use that for just link building without the relationship building, it’s as close to useless.

Oh, by the way, if you want to talk about SEO and stuff like that, there are appropriate threads over at the Internet Marketing section.

Plurk is providing free social networking and micro blogging service.It is used for when the user can able to post updates,sharing images, videos and it supports group conversations between friends.the abbreviation of plurk is peace, love, unity, respect, and karma.

Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging like Twitter but it isn’t growing due to lack of promotion and also it’s interface is not user friendly like twitter.

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