Anyone have digital portfolio examples? (cd/dvd)

I’ve got an interview for a web position and I’d like to bring some kind of digital portfolio as I have Flash/interactive pieces in my portfolio. I come from a pure print design background so I’ve only worked with printed portfolios.

Can someone give me some tips or information on what is “standard” for a web-related digital portfolio (that I could burn to cd)? Links to examples would be awesome. I’m having a really hard time finding much information on this in a search. I have pieces from my portfolio hosted at Coroflot but want something I can leave with them. I’m assuming a regular data disc with folders of the different categories isn’t going to cut it… or will it?

If you have time I would make a flash site that runs in IE/Firefox if you have time. That would be nice or building something interactive. Mine isn’t finished yet and I unfotunately don’t have links to any examples but I will look around and get back to you.

If you know flash, you can design the look of it in photoshop using your print design skills and then create the portfolio in flash to bring it to life…thats if you know flash

i suppose i would build some interface with links and photos – Flat jpegs of the websites I designed and put that into Flash. I’d have links out to the live site – but at least if they didnt have a internet connection they could always look at the jpegs (plus then they could also see the original intent of the site as i saw it before it was changed by the client.)

Sorry i don’t have any example.

I think if you want to go to a company and apply for a web position you should make a website that is online that outlines your portfolio, not a CD. I’ve been a webmaster / web developer for over 10 years now and i have never had to make a CD.

Also, the other point, is just before i got the job i have now, i did this exact thing. As we web developer, i want to show code examples. I have been at my job for over 5 years now.

pas_non, sorry about the late reply but if the information is still useful I’ve got a few potential tips you can make use of. Offline portfolios these days are pretty rare (very few people request them as the online versions tend to show off all the individual needs to know). If what you know is Flash then I would stick to the technology, perhaps use Flash to offer some kind of interactive application which can be scrolled around and upon clicking the thumbnail of the item it popup’s the relevant information. I would use the Flash Player to create a “projection” exe file (I think that’s the correct term) so people can just launch it from their computer, browserless. There are plenty of Flash based portfolio websites you could use for inspiration, the following link may help…

if you know flash ,it will be much easier

I made a DVD with iDVD and sended it to to few companies. It was tought to be in very good quality but lacked the easy UI compared to printed portfolio or pdf.