Any Idea For Guest Blogging?

Hi Friends

Can anybody suggest me how can we do guest blogging? Please explain



If you are looking for websites to guest blog for, you can start by reaching out to people who are blogging in your same niche and suggest a collaboration. You might also check out your analytics reports and see which sites are sending you referral traffic. These are great sources to start contacting for guest blogging because the traffic is already interested in your content.

There are guest blogging sites out there however these are not always the best quality and in general, you may not see the kind of results you are looking for from them. Of course if you are only looking for backlinks they may work for you.

SEOMoz has some pretty good tips on guest blogging,

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Guest Posting is great source to promote your website services with the help of high PR blogs of same niche. All you need to do is contact blog owner and ask to publish your content on his blog and get relevant back links from the blog.

Guess Posting has been touted these days as a great way to get direct traffic as well as getting important back links to get you up in the Search Engines.

I know a lot of big names swear by it.

One good way is to do Article Marketing. And no I am not talking about just submitting an article to EZA and just leave it at that. I am talking about writing an article for EZA and then check about it after awhile and see some of the publishers who borrowed your material to use on their own sites.

Kindly get in touch with them and start a dialogue where you get to know them. Let them know your plans on writing more quality and original articles and if they would be interested in using it for their Sites. Then you can do it and ask for a link back to your site.

You can do this over a period of time. And with work and patience you can build up a syndicate group of publishers who use your material and you get laser targeted traffic from their link leading back to your site.

Many very, very successful IMers use this approach and this approach only to build up a substanial full time income.

Oh and yeah that traffic coming back to you ;make sure you have a capture box to build up a list :wink: