How can I attract authors for Guest Posting

I am an experienced SEO specialist with 7 years experience. I know that how to manage posts in such a way that it would not look spammy for Google. I’ve been trying to look for Wordpress and SEO authors but they are hard to find. Can you give me some tips to attract author or contributors?


@lordzden Looking at how you are intentionally “managing” your posts so that they do not look spammy to Google, chances are you are not spending time in the right places. You should really focus on producing a website that people would actually read, share, link to or want to contribute.

Guest bloggers or authors who are looking for places to contribute wants a site with high authority or traffic (at least higher than their own). If you do not have those, then you might want to consider paying them to write for your site.

Yes, you can promise dofollow links or allow a higher number of backlinks to the author’s site, but these days, the quantity of links does not matter as much as the quality.

@WayneLiew Thank you for your input. It is really hard nowadays to compete on the same topics on those blogs that are more established. So small blogs gets less attention and larges ones gets the guest posts and all that.

@lordzden Totally understand. It is hard and it will become harder as the barriers of entry to build a website are being removed by technology.

Have you considered helping a good writer in your niche with something and do a barter with him / her. It can be a guest contribution on his / her blog. It can also be helping him / her to look out for backlink opportunities or to find potential advertisers. Depending on the niche you’re in, there are many bloggers that do not mind an extra pair of hands to help them out with things that they are not good with.

I would ask them directly with specific details. maybe set up a team of bloggers to guest and comment on each others blogs.

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Leonski has very good advice. Its not so hard, but it takes time to write to them in that specific subject…

Take it from my perspective - I work as a content marketer for an SEO firm.

For guest posting, we have several criteria, which include the following:

  1. High DA and PR - I know these aren’t ranking factors now, but still Google indexes high DA and PR sites first.
  2. High traffic - it wouldn’t make sense to guest post for a site that only gets less than 10 views a day. It has to at least be on Alexa’s top 100,000.
  3. Prestige - we prefer to guest post on established websites and blogs.

First off, you’ll have to work on your site. Dethroning blog sites in the top tier of the guest posting podium is difficult but doable in the long run.

Second, allow them to link to their sites - backlinks in a reputable website is comparable gold in the world of SEO.

Third, outreach. Trust me, this works wonders. Talk to SEO specialists in LinkedIn or send an e-mail. Everyone’s looking for a chance to improve their website’s standing, so take advantage.

Please explain this to me. It is my understanding that PR was page not site
Now that Google gives relatively low to no weight to pages in terms of the obsolete PR in their algo, has this shifted now to where it is applied to sites? Got a Google source reference?

You misunderstood - I was referring to websites with pages with high PR according to DA and PR checkers. And of course, it’s page, not site.

Yes, PR’s value has been depreciated, and it’s no longer directly important in SEO, but the existence of backlinks in more popular sites, such as those with high DA and PR pushes up your rankings further, which is why those sites are a priority.

And no, I don’t have a Google source reference, though this information is available in a number of reputable SEO blogs (SEW, SEJ, etc), and you’re better off looking this up yourself :wink:

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