Any decent, super slick/simple (for users) calendar systems?

Hi guys,

Currently putting together a website, it’s going okay but there are a couple of features they’d like that I’m not too sure on. The first is image galleries which I’m using this tutorial for - seems like it’d do what I need it do perfectly, and since I’d be coding it myself it’d be pretty much ideal.

But the calendar I’m not so sure on. My initial thoughts is to use jQuery UI Datepicker for the backend date selection, and then [URL=“”]iCal like monthly view for the front end (along with some PHP of course, and back/next buttons at the top!)

… but it all seems a bit of a mess to do it that way. And it’d be missing some functionality like the ability to have events that span over multiple days.

Any sugguestions on what to use over the above, or should I be okay?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I love the jQuery calendar picker that you found. It seems usable and definitely slick. That being said, the iCal-like calendar you found seems unnecessarily clunky. Is your intention to provide a large calendar with mouseover displays for the event details? As you mentioned, this limits you from having the same event on multiple days without some duplicating the listing.

I’ve always been a fan of simple. The above is an events page I just did and we show a HTML calendar (updated automatically) along with a listing of events. The calendar has the days highlighted if something is happening that day but it doesn’t require the user to hover over that date. All the event information is listed on the left side there.

Granted, my solution isn’t quite as slick or pretty, but I think it’s more usable at the end of the day. I still love the jQuery picker you found. :slight_smile:

I recently came across Easy PHP Calendar. It may be what you are looking for. It is definitely capable of spanning events over a certain period, as well as many other features.

Many thanks guys - Jeff you’re right, I think a solution more like yours, especially with a more listing/agenda approach could be a bit easier for users to see at a glance what’s going on.

And that looks great too thanks spiderling, love the way it does everything for you, my main concern is you can only select x number of days up to 7, I’m doing a website for a school so if I’m doing stuff like that I’d want the ability to just select a start date (for example, start of summer holidays) and end date quite a lot in the future ;O

Maybe I’m better off using the jQuery datepicker thing and just attempting to put something together myself, hmm!

Via the setup manager, you can change the maximum number of days setting. Then when you are adding an event and want to select the number of days it will span, you can select up to the maximum you set it at.

Ah awesome, thank you! I’ll take a look then :slight_smile: