Answering "Why shouldn't I hire you?"

I’m preparing for an interview, when I suddenly saw this question on a job interview website and I can’t think of a good answer.

How does one answer the question “why shouldn’t I hire you?”

Are there any other examples of “negative” questions and answers you’d like to contribute?

They are fishing for weaknesses. You have to be able to spin it to your benefit.

I work so well that you’ll feel guilty if you don’t give me a raise :wink:

“If you hired me you’d have nothing to do.” :wink:

I think this question is ridiculous, always have. If an employer is looking for a weakness then they should ask the question straight don’t beat around the bush.

If someone does ask this of you, don’t give a cliched or cheesy response.

I would say…

There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t hire me as I feel I’m an ideal fit for this job. However like all people I do have weakness and it is php programming/time management/emarketing/whatever but I have done this this and this to deal with it and since I have done that I have seen my levels of understanding increase as demonstrated by blah blah blah and will continue to explore these areas as I’m keen to expand my knowledge further with in that feild.

If you own up to a potential employer an area that isn’t a strength and show you have identified it, taken action to remedy it and can give examples how you have improved it is much more useful for the employer when comparing candidates than some cheesy job pick-up line.

If I were to ask you for a job, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

I would say:

I believe I have a mixture of qualities not found in any other person in this world. And that exact mixture, be it a cunning sixth sense, quick reaction, unique philosophy etc. would benefit the company greatly. While I may not have the best paper qualifications, I believe there is alot more to a successful individual then academic results.

hey thanks! I got lots of ideas from reading your comments and suggestions - thanks again.

Avoid negative questions like the above by turning it into a positve aspect for employment, as such examples given above.

if i am asked that same question, i would not work for that company. the question is just stupid: it’s ok to ask about weaknesses but “why we should not hire you” is arrogant.

I would say

You shouldn’t hire me because I don’t like interview questions that beat around the bush. I like to get to the point. I address the issues, and move on.

9 days later, how’d it turn out?

My interview hasn’t happened yet, its not till Nov 1st.

after they ask you say you should then laugh then say seriously there is no reason not to hire me. end of story, works like a charm

they say why shouldnt we hire you ,… all you got to do is turn around and say ill give you a hundred reasons why you should hire me … then go with it

The point of the question is to challange you to find either a creative way out or show your faults in a non-harmful manner. Giving them reasons why they should hire you avoids the issue and gains you no points. From what I can imagine an ideal answer would either try and move the question aside by going double negative (i.e. you shouldn’t hire me if you want someone who works hard and will make your business more money) or, if you can think of a mild weakness, present that in a positive light. There should be nothing wrong with saying you aren’t perfect, so long as you don’t point out a major flaw or big issue.

say seriously there is no reason not to hire me


Exactly the only correct answer they want/need to hear.

Anything, other than this, indicates there IS a reason they should not hire you.

Unfortuently I did not win this job, I prepared a lot for the interview. They didn’t ask the stock questions I was expecting, but I did really well to turn it to my advantage, unfortuently they were looking for somebody with more experience of mobile/multimedia technologies.


Thanks Gorf glad you agreed. People hiring you do not want to hear about your SOB story trust me. I do the hiring a lot…

Wish I would have stumbled across this thread sooner :frowning: