Career Advice: What is the best way to answer "Why Should We Hire You?"


I recently applied for my (hopefully first) entry-level job as a website editor at my university. The position involves updating web pages on a content management system and the requirements list graphics editing, HTML coding and “some experience with MySQL.”

How should I answer the question “why should we hire you” if I am applying for a web design job?

My experience is limited to designing websites for class projects and I also interned at a company where I posted news to their blog. I haven’t touched MySQL yet. How difficult is it to learn and what types of assignments involve using MySQL?


Be self confident. "Because you need a proactive and hardworking person to fill a position opening and I need a stable company where I can help and develop my skill. "

I am not saying “do that”, but I do it and it works fine.

Thanks, it is a good start.

It’s always important to be confident about the knowledge you possess. A good knowledge in HTML and CSS are the basics which is required for website designing. Keep your basics clear and try to be in touch of the updates with these languages. This will definitely help you to answer on the problems or queries asked in the interview regarding HTML, CSS and web designing. This will automatically answer the question of the interviewer as Why he should hire you?
MYSQL is basically required for visual database designing which is one of the requirement of web designing.


Just say you are such a hard working person and can work hard and achieve even in pressure…Any how all the best for your career.

Tell him that you are hardworking or punctual or you can tell them about your past achievement not only in office as you are fresher tell him about your college achievement.

hi! i like the answer provided above. anyway i am bit fed up with all these questions during an interview… so boring!!!

…I’m all about adding value to the organization. I’m not just looking for a job but a career.

I think that your question is not really related to this specific job. Like other members, i adivse to be honest and list your skills without adding too much cosmetics, There is no reason that does not work.

Good luck.

Mar, CA

I would recommend to consult an expert in content management system and HTML coding and MySQL. TO answer such questions it is rather difficult to tell which alternative will work. Depending on the situation of the interview you should answer. Answering according to the situation is the most suitable choice.

This Learnable course is a brilliant one for learning the basics of MySQL.

Yep, Just be self confident and meanwhile show interests in this job.

Well, these questions comes very frequently. The way you answer is
A) Blah Blah Blah
B) Unique answer that really applies to you.

For example. Let say it’s google. I’ll say that I can contribute XYZ because I have done it before. Also, I like the culture of Google where I can move into different project to expand my skillsets and I don’t see other better company for this kind of opportunity.

I’m not say you should use my wordings but try to really relate with you in particular and be unique so that they’ll remember you.

Be confident and tell them about your past achievements and if you are fresher so explain them with confidence that you will provide a satisfactory result .

“Um… because you put the F’n ad out. You should have figured this out before I filled in half the form.”


But on a serious note - that question is so broad so write short notes down to cover:

  1. Skill and experience
  2. Your passion for the job
  3. Your achievements so far

Employers are looking for people who are good at what they do. They need folks to walk in and help the company do things better and more efficiently. So while it is a loaded “crap” question, you can touch on a couple of specific areas.