Interview barrier or what?

I think I made a mistake at my last interview. The problem is that I’m too honest. The employer ask me if I like reading and I replied not that much but if I need to I will do it. I guess the employer hated the answer coz who wants to employee somebody that doesn’t like reading (coz its a communication company).

Do I need to lie in the future, and tell them that I l “love” reading, or how do I respond to a question like that? :shifty: :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re talking about self deprecation, it’s “putting yourself down”. There are technical uses that refer to things being obsolete too. :slight_smile:

Thanx for the feedback peeps. I’m doing my bit by reading blog posts and online articles. Think reading textbooks and novels pushed my away from the reading thing. Online reading aint bad and it’s nice and short

I think you’ve done the right thing. Most employers prefer honest people. Reading is good, but if you really don’t like, just tell him the truth.

If you did a great interview (apart from not being an avid reader) and you think that’s why you diidn’t get the job, would you want to work for someone that put so much emphasis on something that is almost insignificant. Unless of course the job was Librarian or book reviewer.

Better you start reading today. If that’s a difficult task then read stuffs which you feel interesting. Then you won’t have to lie and thereby also remain confident within yourself.

Confidence is the first and foremost quality that can bestow you with any job irrespective of your depth of knowledge in a particular subject matter. Presenting yourself in an orderly manner is also a must.

It’s never a problem to be too honest.

You can turn any negative into a positive if you word it properly. For instance, I totally suck at graphic design (due to lack of time or willingness to learn as it stands) however I always say that I’ve a thirst for knowledge, a fast learning curve (I can pick up skills pretty easily) and given a bit of time and support I could quite easily adapt to meet their needs. It’s a bad idea to downright say “nope, don’t do that” unless the practice is something frowned upon. Everyone has negative points to their skillset but knowing how to best portray yourself is all part of the key to success (and turn the bad bits into potential). :slight_smile:

Let me reverse the question. If you were hiring and your interviewee says “I don’t like reading that much”. Would you hire him? I rest my case. In reality, you do like to read and it’s based on the content. If it’s boring then no, if it’s interesting then yes.

If you don’t like to read, you’re probably not a good communicator. If you lie in the future, you’ll be found out by your lack of communication skills anyways and most likely be “layed off”.

genuine response.

Given that reading is a Good Thing, maybe you should learn to like it.

Then you won’t have to lie.

Along with being truthful when dealing with future employers, you might want to start by being honest with yourself and not going after jobs that require you to do things you dislike doing. :smiley:

Grootseun: One of the things that have impressed us lately have been people who are actively participating in carreer/work related forums where they learn and improve their skills. Don’t ever lie, but there is nothing wrong with highlighting a related strength.

How about this: “I don’t read many books, but I am an active particpant on Sitepoint and read a lot of related articles and forum posts. I find a lot of satisfaction when I can interact with the source of the information I am absorbing.”

just lie about the things that they’ll never find out about. :slight_smile:

but really being honest is the best policy.

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If you don’t like to read, you’re probably not a good communicator. If you lie in the future, you’ll be found out by your lack of communication skills anyways and most likely be “layed off”.

genuine response.

addaminsane, I wouldn’t want to work for you for that matter. The fact that I don’t like to read that often doesn’t make me a bad communicator. Thought you are more intelligent than that

Thanx peeps for the feedback. I do read when I need to. Like the forum posts and posted articles, but I’m a very lazy reader and I think 60% of the world is. Will try not to depromote myself the next time :wink:


what does deprecate means? LOL sorry english is my secondary language

what does deprecate mean? Sorry english is my secondary language :wink: