What should I learn first: React or Node?Is it possible to create a back-end solely with React?

I know HTML, (S)CSS and JS( and jQuery). And I want to become a Full-Stack Developer. So what should I learn next: React or Node? And is ES6 a prerequisite for learning either of them?

Well these are two very different things: React is a UI library, node is a JS runtime environment. Now React also provides an API to be used within node; the purpose is to increase the initial page rendering by serving components as static markup. But you can’t build a server with React alone, you still need a host environment to actually run your app.

No, but as far as React is concerned most resources you’ll find (articles, tutorials, even the official docs) are using ES6 features, so it certainly helps. And the nice thing about node is that you don’t have to use transpilers and polyfills to ensure compatibility… all in all it sure doesn’t hurt to learn about some ES6 anyway. :-) – A good resource is ES6 & Beyond by Kyle Simpson.

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You are probably better served learning a MVVM framework like react first to keep yourself marketable in the front-end development world. These days just knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript doesn’t really cut it in the market place as a front-end developer. Most companies will expect some familiarity and/or experience with JavaScript frameworks like react, angular, vue, ember, etc. Its also been my experience that most service layers are being built with Java and .NET not node. If you really want to increase your marketability become a full stack developer that specializes in one of those. The Java full stack jobs are paying really well these days and seem to be most in demand. I’ve had recruiters call me for Java and React that pay upwards of 175K a year for a senior developer. .NET full stack has very similar value in the marketplace.

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