Angular 2- javascript tutorial

I found these articles on the web of auth0, it’s a very interesting tutorial about. angular2
Part 1
Part 2,3

angularjs http get example

Any questions write me!!!


Small offtopic, but does anyone know why Angular 2 force developers to use typescript ? They don’t even have the docs for Javascript.

They don’t.

Three languages are supported - typescript, dart and JavaScript.

The getting started tutorial allows you to select which of the three languages you want to use from a select box at the top of the page.

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They do, they just aren’t very good and incomplete.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see message like this:

This chapter is not yet available in JavaScript. We recommend reading the TypeScript version.

Hm, they have JS only for Quickstart, for docs it’s incomplete, so they don’t have it :slight_smile:

incomplete === don’t have

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Angular 2 is awesome! For me the best resource to learn is from this course from Udemy

He constantly updates his course and answers question within the day. By far the best Angular 2 source for less than $30.

I did hear that Redux+React is better but haven’t really looked into it. Anyways, check out the above course and he absolutely deserve every penny… honestly it’s really worth at least $2000 of materials


Take a look at what TypeScript actually is. There is absolutely ZERO reasons to use JavaScript to do Angular 2 or any other javascript web framework. The reason is that TypeScript >= JavaScript. It can compile native JavaScript as is and it gives you autocomplete feature if you use IDE like webstorm/vscode/etc… It also generates JavaScript mapping file so that you can still use debugging tools like chrome dev tool or firebug. It also has chrome deb plugin called Augury specifically to debug Angular 2.

The future of JS coding will be between Babel or TypeScript. Both can compile Javascript as is. Another way to look at is TypeScript = ES7, BABEL = ES6, JavaScript = ES5. They are all javascript!

darn…no angular 2 talks… oh well


ES7 was released last month and from what I can see there are still lots of things in Typescript that are not in ES7.

I should’ve said ~=

Still it’s really hard to use native ES6 or even when ES7 comes out due to browser version capability. If you use TypeScript you can configure to genereate from ES3 to ES6. This way you can use the latest ES7 ‘like’ feature and still be able to support older browsers. This is why I think technologies like TypeScript vs Babel is the future of JS.

what date is it where you are? ES7 became the latest version way back in June 2016. ES8 is currently in development and is expected to be released early next year.

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