TypeScript or ES6

I want to expand to ES6… Angular.js 2… but not know where to startup… is TypeScript required? Otherwise is it like ES6 x% similarities…?

I am intermediate js/php developer… and also want expand in ionic mobile framework…

If you want to learn Angular 2+ then you definitely should learn TypeScript. The vast majority of code, tutorials and documentation out there is in TS, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor by learning it.

The good news is that TS is a superset of ES6 JavaScript, so there’s a lot of overlap in syntax (and some features) between the two. SitePoint has free articles and paid video courses that can help you learn both ES6 and TS.

Another advantage of using TS is that you’ll basically get a ES6 syntax transformer for free (if desired). If you want to support IE you’ll have to include a compiler such as babel anyway, so why not just use TS instead… and as @fretburner said, it’s a superset, so you don’t even have to use TS-specific features if you don’t want to.

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