Angry colors... any ideas?

hello everybody,

I was just wondering what colors you guys associate with anger?




Yeah Red. Black is kinda »bad« too, but not angry.

Probably Red although when a shop or website has a sale they usually mark their prices in bright Red and I doubt they are wanting customers to feel angry :smiley:

Studies show that the color red upsets children more than any other color.

haha thanks a lot!

I agree with the red family of color. But, as pointed out “pure red” FF0000 is used as a highlight color quite often.

I therefore, associate more of a maroon to red color with angry. Of course, its use is more important. A “smiling” smiley in red is not seen as angry. :agree: But almost any color with a snarl is seen that way. A red snarl is obvious and unmistakable though. :mad:

orange, its the color of MANIACS!!

Red… :vsmiley:

stick with a spike through the end color

ha ha … no other choice … you should have given choices like this red, deep red,deeper red, insane red :d

Red all the time :wink:

but in china its an “auspicious” color. And ofcourse, if you think of red on penelope cruz or salma hayek, thats just sexy spanish HOT.