Want help for design issue

which colors not ever use in websites? going do a website, desiring colors are like taboo.

Whatever colours you use you should check that they are suitable for the web.

Here are a few links to other tools and resources etc.


The colour scheme depends upon the business type. Like online businesses can use blue, food /eating joint websites can use red and yellow tones… Doctors / medical institutional websites should be designed with a green theme…
It depends!!

There is not any specific color which you should not use during web design because if color combination is prefect as per your website’s theme then everything will appear beautiful on the web design. How to choose proper color combination for web design refer this link http://www.designyourway.net/drb/colors-in-web-design-and-why-to-choose-them/

Art direction wise, Tammy’s answer comes closest w/o going over. Color is cultural and subjective. In japan white means mourning/wicked while the western world views white as pure and happy. Of course, white and black aren’t colors anyway ( thank you art school) but you get what I am trying to say. You need to pick color that communicate your message to your specific audience.

Design wise , you need to consider media and readability. What font stack are you using, how big and most of all you should aim for a legible contrast ratio. Paul gave a few good inks but I’d like to add my own personal fav: http://leaverou.github.io/contrast-ratio/

hope that helps

Take a look at this post http://uxmovement.com/content/how-to-use-color-to-brand-your-website/.
You will get idea how to use different colors in designing.

Well, the colors depend on the type of the website. If they are well matched, you could use almost any colors (but for backgrounds i would mostly go for light colors). For selecting text/background colors you could use Contrast Analyser.

you should use the relevant color with your website. consitency does really matter. use animation or flasy images can distract your customers. so it would be nice that you should use appropriate colors rather this is not really necessary to use some specific color for specific task. it depends upon the requirement of the website.

all color will be suit if you have relevant subject. Just try it :slight_smile:

Avoid using overly bright colours, a lot of people (particularly the older generation I’ve noticed) find them almost painful to look at on a bright screen.

I also usually try to avoid using pure black/white (#000/#FFF), since they sometimes come off too strong. I’m not saying they don’t have their place, but if I was designing a dark website for example, I would set the background as a very dark grey rather than black, and I see most of the industry seems to follow this. The main background on this website for example could look white at first, but it’s a light grey. Subtle changes like this can make a world of difference, so the best thing to do is just experiment - rather than just saying “this box should be blue” and slapping the first blue you see on it, experiment with different shades and see what comes out best.

If you wanted your site to be as accessible as possible, you can also check to see how they would look to someone who is colour blind using tools like this. Certain colour combinations may look fine to the average person, but could be impossible to read by someone with a certain type of colour blindness. (Note: I’m not colour blind so I guess I can’t really say with certainty how accurate these services are).

As always and most importantly, your colour choices should accurately reflect the vibe and style you want your website/business to have.

I would never go for black as your background… i think it scares a lot of people

Thanks for all Information.


Are you kidding us that what colour not ever use in the website?
Have you ever can think what food a human being never ate??? Your question is just like this.
Come to point… It depends on your website what design and colour on website suite. Most people leave this up to the website designer but maybe you should take a more active interest in what colors you use.
In other words, when you see a particular color what feelings do you get? Should you seek to evoke a certain feeling from your website visitors?
Thanks. !!!