Anchor Text vs Signature Link

1 - Question - Which one is more powerful Anchor Text or Signature Link ?
2 - Question - If I do blog and articles in different niche then the anchor text in different niche will have any wrong effect in them ??

If I’m assuming, anchor text = article backlink. Yes it’s better than signature link.

Anchor text will be better for your sites. Having just a single link somewhere doesn’t do much for your site any more.

More powerful is Anchor Text or Signature Link. Depends on the place you post the link.
I think you should consider thinking that both will help you get more visitors even seo rankings ( also depending on the place you post the link ).

additionally, it depends also on the quality of the post where it’s posted

Not sure what do you mean by Anchor text? If I am assuming correctly, you are referring anchor texts as backlinks that do not come from signatures. As far as signatures and backlinks from blogs and articles are concerned, then I would like to apprise you that importance lies within the placement of links