Out of these two which backlink is more valuable?

Dofollow backlink from relevant site without keyword.For example backlink from dofollow blog comment with name instead of keyword.

Dofollow backlink form irrelevant site with keyword.

You know the answer - keyword - or anchortext will bring you more than a link, but a targeted link to compete with other sites.

Ask yourself which link you would click on if you saw it in the web page. If you wouldn’t click on it because it doesn’t appear relevant and useful then no one else will either.

Keyword backlink should be a little better. First more people would click on link if they see it second your site will have link with keyword term.

I’m not talking about traffic.I just wish to know which backlink is better in terms of SEO.

If I like someone’s comment and there is a name I click to learn more about that person. But if there is an keyword I just think that it is there because of backlink.

So I guess for traffic link with names, for serp links with anchortexts is better

We use SEO to get traffic to our site, if not there is no point in using SEO. :wink:

But I understood your point, you want to look it at from a Search Engines point of view. As per getting traffic directly, keyword backlink might be better. But from a search engines point of view when ranking your site, your backlink on a relevant site have some priority over a non-relevant site.

traffic, bit of link juice = then the relevant link
value for the keyword, bit of link juice = irrelevant link

Your keyword backlink will probably be more useful to you in terms of SEO, assuming that your name doesn’t include the keywords.

I agree with you, but if you’re one of may spammer out there use both :slight_smile:

Backlinks are the lifeblood of the SEO and indirectly to the traffic. People are making their site/product SEO Optimised to get some good and quality traffic . Backlinks from the blogs , blog commenting , from articles , forum posting are good in terms of SEO

If you only have a link on dofollow relevant site but no keyword, the backlink is also weighs as with keyword on link. So in short, relevant site is still valuable.

I guess the backlink with anchor keyword will be better for you.

I would say a dofollow link from any blog comment is useful as a backlink. No matter it is a keyword or just a name. The thing is you should place your url in that comment.

For ranking purposes, the FOLLOWed link on an irrelevant site with your targeted keyword phrase as the link text is ALWAYS more valuablle than a link from a relevant site with site name as the keyword UNLESS the site name has the keywords in it you’re trying to rank for separated by hyphens.

If you look at the screen in Google’s WMT that shows link text that Google sees in your inbound links you’ll notice that Google sees links like:

<a href=“http://example1-example2.com/”>http://example1-example2.com/&lt;/a&gt;

as having the link text:

http example1 example2 com

But in general aside from the above situation, good link text on an irrelevant site will help rankings more than bad link text from a relevant site. The link text is the MOST important factor about a link for affecting rankings… period.

HOWEVER, if your goal is to get traffic then as felgall mentioned… a link on a relevant site (regardless of the link text) is better. You’ll get more click-thrus, have fewer bounce backs, and more conversions from relevant links.

It is better to use the keyword in the link for SEO purposes

Surely, a keyword backlink will generally be a semi=relevant site.

Such as a keyword LCD on a site about televisions would be quite close to your site anyways if you’re targeting the word LCD.

Thanks for the interesting post and information.

you must show the website URLs…

By d way,

without any doubt, I prefer first option

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