Anchor Text help please

Hi I am trying to learn about on page seo, and need some friendly advice please.

I have a construction website that is a family business.

I am trying to see if I put anchor text on my own pages, that just link to other pages within the site, if this is good or bad?

For an example I say:

For over 25 years we have been building quality buildings in Colorado ( and then that link goes to say a building portfolio page on my site.)

Because its on the same site, is this bad?

And just trying to make sure, forum signatures are bad right? Because if you have a lot of posts, like say someone with 30000, then that’s a lot of spammy links?

Thank you so much for any help

It would be bad if it was
For over 25 years we have been building quality buildings in Colorado click here
As long as the link fits naturally within the context and the link text is descriptive enough so that visitors won’t be disappointed in their expectations of what they’ll see if they click, that’s a good thing.
As for SEO, you want search engines to see the link, follow it, and find that page, right?

Forum signatures aren’t bad, they’re useless for SEO, though they might get some traffic.

To elaborate, forum signatures (here and most other places) are nofollow, which means that search engines don’t count them as backlinks at all. You can safely add your site to your signature, if you wish, in the hope that you might get a little traffic from other forum members choosing to click on it.

In the unlikely event that a forum has signatures which are not nofollow, the search engines are smart enough to recognise signature links for what they are. They won’t penalise you for being a prolific poster, but they will regard the links as next-to-worthless for purposes of ranking your site. (Any link which you can easily place yourself is of very little value.)

Have you looked at Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”? It covers the basics and is easy to follow.

I believe if you link that way once or twice, then it’s good but if you do it too much, you’re bound to be over optimizing the site. There are free seo training or rather seo tools that can help you check your on-page optimization.

Internal linking for any website is good unless it is not done on promotional keywords, The example you given above will do the job and as far as 30,000 signature links are concerned Yes its a lot of spammy…Because Almost every forum is full of duplicate content thus loses search engine credibility and also share this lose with your website …I think blogging would be great idea instead of spammy forum postings…