Anchor not working

There must be something obvious that I’m missing. The links at the top of the page content (Unwanted hair, etc.) re not working with the anchors below. The page is: [URL=“”]Med Spa | Essencials Day Spa Lenox Berkshires MA
What am I missing?

Instead of this:

<a href="/pkmedispa_v2.html/#hair">Unwanted hair</a>

your link should simply be

<a href="#hair">Unwanted hair</a>

Then remove the anchor around the H2 (which is invalid anyway)

[COLOR="Red"]<a name="hair">[/COLOR]<h2>Unwanted hair</h2>[COLOR="Red"]</a>[/COLOR]

and do this instead:

<h2 id="hair">Unwanted hair</h2>

Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

The quick solution is just to remove the red bit from this link:

<a href="[COLOR="Red"]/pkmedispa_v2.html/[/COLOR]#hair">Unwanted hair</a>

but using <a>s on the target is outdated anyway, and also you’d have to put the anchor inside the H2—rather than outside it—for the code to be valid HTML. So you may as well go the whole hog and do the whole thing the modern way.

Wow! Many thanks. Works fine now on the first link. I’ll work on the others.