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I made in my page anchor link My question is it also on the word that i made link should also be underlined word in browser

thanks galia

You want the text underlined? That is default I believe but you probably reset it in a different stylesheet.



is don’t what i meant after you do anchor link it became a underline under the word that i did a link but should it be on the browser too?

thanks galia

Based on how conversations tend to go with your limited English, can you please draw us a picture of what you want? You are terrible at explaining what you want (no offense.)

Or perhaps you can show us a website where they implement the feature you want?


i explain again i do an anchor link beside a word and when i want to show how it look like on browser there is still underlined word that shows under the word on is it should be like that?

send image

thanks galia

Images are OK as far as they go, but we really need a link to somethimg online if you want any help
Despite the problems associated with “free” hosting, have you tried any yet?


The underline is default. If you don’t want it, then do text-decoration:none; on the anchor.

@Mittineague lol, just lol :wink:


were to do that?

sending the code

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What do you want to do? You don’t have a link there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you want that to be a link? Wrap an <a> element around the text.

Do you just want it underlined?

.highlight {
  text-decoration: underline; 

The default behaviour of browsers - what they will always do unless you specifically change the style - is to underline links. If that’s what you want, then there should be no need to do anything.

If for some reason you don’t want a link underlined, then you can add text-decoration: none to the styles for that link (or all links). But you should think carefully before doing this, as removing the underline may mean that people do not realise the text is a link.


but why i don’t have on the two words in the middle that there is a links?

thanks galia
sending image

thanks galia

In the JSfiddle code you posted, there are no links, apart from those in the header which are using images with no text.


But it seems that in dreamweaver in the four links images there is linked Apart of the first image and of course I did on the top on the right how it is?

the image

thanks galia

I don’t use Dreamweaver and can’t tell anything from your image.

A link needs to be marked with <a></a> tags, and there are none in the JSfiddle you posted, apart from those in the header.

Never mind about how Dreamweaver is displaying it - look at the code to see whether there are links there or not.

I suspect that the problem is that what the OP wants to be a link is in fact not a link at all and therefore isn’t underlined.

It sounds like the OP is placing too much dependence on the useless view mode in DreamWeaver and should forget that mode and use the others that actually work properly with the web page.


what is op


Original Poster. That would be you.

I really wish you would just place the site online - you are making this extremely difficult and time consuming for all of us.


sorry what can i say but you said there is not<a></a> and i look again and i see that there it is

       <td height="25" align="center" class="sign"><a href="#strip"><span class="highlight" dir="rtl">באנר דגים</a></td>
      <td height="25" align="center" class="sign" ><a href="#strip"><span class="highlight" dir="rtl">מסכה love</a></td>

Maybe i do the links again what do you think

thanks galia

Double check that both examples you posted are indeed anchors. If so, please post the HTML for the non-underlined link so we can identify where you are negating the underline effect.

it is in my latest message
thanks galia