Anchor not quite working

I’m creating a sub menu with links to places on page.
Works fine in IE8, but in FF8 it points below the anchor, so the H2 header of the section is out of the view port. I have tried both

<h2><a name="overview">Overview: How to grow your business online</a></h2>


<h2 id="overview">Overview: How to grow your business online</h2>

with the same result. What am I missing?

Never mind. This works

<a name="overview"></a>
<h2>Overview: How to grow your business online</h2>

Usually when I use the ID of a heading tag, the heading tag itself shows up at the top of the screen. In Firefox. But setting the destination further up the page helps, yes. Note that that anchor can also still have an id instead of the name attribute.