Anchors Don't work in Firefox?

Hey guys,

I started a new website a few days ago, with only a few minor problems.

I made anchors on a sub page, with a link to them form the main page.

They work fine in IE but the anchors don’t seem to work in Firefox.

Has anyone ever had this issue and maybe knows how to resolve it?

The website is… (the latest brushes on the main page, click em )


I think it might work better if you take the hash out of the name. eg,

<A name="#000001">


<A name="000001">


It Worked!!!

Thanks, will never make that mistake again.


One of those cases where IE doesn’t follow the standards, you design for IE and it dies in all the other browsers. Another example, according to the standards, class and ID names are case sensitive.

Please note NAME an ID values cannot legally start with a numeric character.

Robert is right. You need to put a letter (A-Z or a-z) as the first character in the identifier.

To make it working for both IE and firefox, name=“” and id=“” should be there with same value in anchor tag.

such as <a name=“pageTop” id=“pageTop” ></a>

To call it the link will be <a href=“#pageTop”>Top of Page</a>

Very аtypical. Your site is working with Internet Explorer and not working with Firefox

name=“” is of type CDATA, not NAME or ID.

ID and NAME tokens must begin with a letter ([A-Za-z]) and may be followed by any number of letters, digits ([0-9]), hyphens (“-”), underscores (“_”), colons (“:”), and periods (“.”).

<a name=“foo”>some anchor</a>
this is not a NAME token?
Does this rule not hold even though names are cdata? points to CDATA, not NAME. Thus it follows that the restrictions for NAME does not apply (just like NUMBER, IDREF etc do not apply).

In HTML5 name=“” is obsolete (you should use id=“” instead, can be used on any element).

So name=“” is not the same thing as NAME? And then id = name but not NAME? Bizarre and interesting. They expected regular human beings to read this?

In HTML5 name=“” is obsolete (you should use id=“” instead, can be used on any element).

Man developers haven’t used name on anchors since XHTML said it should be removed (was deprecated in 1.1? which people writing 1.0 wanted to emulate wherever possible), which is where I started before moving to HTML4.

The main point was within HTML 4.01

In either case ID is preferred.

Sure. The further restrictions for name=“” is:

The value of this attribute must be a unique anchor name.

That doesn’t say that non-NAME values are not allowed. :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s academic at this point since the attribute shouldn’t be used in the first place, as you say. :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

My own weird interpretation was; the Anchor NAME is loosely taking the same space as the ID anyway. So if they both happen appear in the anchor then the ID wins the fight and forces the NAME into complicit submission regarding the values.

True. Case closed. :cool: