Internal Page Anchor Not Going To The Correct Part Of The Page

Hi All

This should be really easy and I am not too sure why it is not working?

I am making a website and have added some buttons (Bootstrap 4) at the top of the page and to anchor to an id in a div.

On my phone everything is working correctly… when clicking/tapping a button it is going to the correct part of the page (the heading).

On my pad and computer however it is bypassing the heading and text and going to the product images while cutting off the above info.

Why could this be and how can it be fixed?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


Do you have a link to a live page where we can see what’s happening?

The anchor works correctly, but the destination (the heading) is hidden under your sticky navbar.

The same issue is discussed in this recent thread:
Link does not go to correct destination

Ah… that makes sense… that post does not give a fix though… do you know if there is a fix to this issue?

@PaulOB offered a possible solution in post 6 of that thread.

That did the trick… thanks for your help.

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