How to make anchor show underline

Would someone in here go to my stylesheet, and point out where I would make the words in the green band underlined? Thanks! Some people don’t understand that words are links unless they are underlined. Being in a nav bar should do it, I should think, but just to make sure . . .

CSS can be seen at

On line 68 of your internal stylesheet you have this…

	#nav a{

Just remove the text-decoration:none and it will default back to an underlined link

	#nav a{

You should really set up an external style sheet now that your site is done. That way the browser will cache it for all other pages on your site.


A quick view of the page source shows errors on other pages.
Mainly elements that are not closed properly. The validator will point out errors for you.

On you blog page, all the anchors are missing the closing slash…
Trailering Tips <a>
should be…
Trailering Tips </a>

Below that link you are missing the opening <p> tag on the first paragraph.
Blog page is also missing entire closing </html> tag

On your about me page, you are missing the closing slash on the closing html tag


should be…


Validate your pages!
Those are simple mistakes :blush:


Easy references:

Borrowing from @SamA74,
“This is done not by adding code, but removing the bad code.”

Okay, taking out the line about text decoration did it! Thanks! I was thinking it would take needing to say underline. Its the learning process.

Thanks for the point-outs. Fixed em all. Appreciate it!


The browsers are doing that with their default style sheets. They come first in the Cascade, your Stylesheet comes next and overrides browser defaults. That’s why removing it restored the default.

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