Analytics - What is direct traffic?

My site is only a few weeks old and getting around 2000 visitors per day. I am using google analytics to examine where and how i am getting traffic, however 60% of my traffic is said to be “direct traffic”.

What’s direct traffic? As i mentiond my site is very new so i cant imagine that i would have over 1000 people per day enter my url into their browser to visit my site directly. If so i will be happy of course. Can anybody please explain this to me. Thanks.

Direct traffic is people typing in the domain name or people who have the site bookmarked and access the site using the bookmark on their browser (ie. favourites).

Unless the domain is very short or a great keyword it would be very unlikely to be generating 1000 people per day.

Direct traffic can also be people being linked to the site by an “offline” page… word documents, mail readers (non-webmail), pdfs, etc.

Direct Traffic: How do the people who clicked a bookmark to come to your site or typed your site URL into their browser compare to the “average” visitor to your site? Direct traffic can include visitors recruited via offline (i.e. print, television) campaigns.


Hope its useful :slight_smile:

its when people visit your site by entering the url into the address bar

Direct traffic is traffic generated by typing the domain itself.
Its a good source of traffic, too, asides from SE traffic.

I got few visitors perday. 2000!!! my lord it is big visitor. direct traffics means large people put url in browser or may be, you have used refresh script. May be your friend know your site name.

If you wanna refferal traffics than you have to promote your site.

people have to work their *** off to get that kind of traffic, which you are getting in a few weeks. whats your url, like to take a look at your site.

yeah i know - its an adult site so am getting alot of traffic from adult video search engines. its a technique i have used with other sites i have a games site getting over 10,000 per day which is only 3 months old by submitting vids to youtube and google video but it depends on the site of course. check out my signature if you want to view my site. beware of the adult content. :slight_smile:

Yeah people typing your URL into the browser (or that have your site bookmarked in their computers) and accessing directly your site…I think including you

yeah thanks for the help on this one

Its not a source of traffic, its a type of traffic.

well when it comes to an adult site, yes of course it is possible to get a traffic of 2000 visitors a day. But if 60% of it is an direct traffic maybe your site is famous or something, Or it was just you that testing and always check your site.

I think direct traffic are more targeted.

Yep, this is true it also would apply to favorites. 1,000 is fairly high. It is likely a Google error. You could look at your web logs to see if it is accurate.

Wait wait wait… 1,000 type-ins could be amazingly high or low, there’s no context to that number. Every site type varies (think of how many people type in and think about traffic amounts… if a site with 1025 visitors got 1000 type-ins something is very unique to the campaign (i.e. lots of offline or non-direct presence) or something is wrong with the data but if the site got 25001 visitors, 1000 type-ins could be considered low.

wow, that is absolutely huge! I hope to get even half of it.

ye i would love something like that. even that number spread between my sites would be nice!!!

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Actually, I also had a similar kind of experience. I have started a new tech blog recently, and within a month, it is getting around 1000pageviews/day(I do have some previous experience in blogging) And amazingly direct traffic averaged 30%!!

That never happened in my blogging experience. Is that normal?? Anyone have any idea on what is happening.