Evaluating my traffic


I have 30k daily ip visitors ,8 years history,local language.95% of my users are local.about health and medicine.

google analytic reports :

86% from search engine
7% from direct
7% from referral

what do you think about situation of my website ? I mean with
this situation will I have better traffic than now or not?

[FONT=verdana]Nobody can answer that question except yourself. We can’t possibly know what level of traffic you can expect from your site, and whether your current levels are good, bad or indifferent. There are no magic numbers involved.

In any case, perhaps you should be focusing less on traffic and more on whether the site is meeting your overall goals. If your aim is to make a profit, then it’s the profit figures that you should be measuring, and asking yourself if they represent an acceptable return on investment.


“Traffic” by itself is meaningless. Users are nothing more than a bunch of people using your servers resources.

The only way we can help you is if we know what you want this traffic to do. Are you selling something?

Thanks for your replies

every webmaster s aim is traffic. you know that traffic is every thing. traffic=money. i dont sell any thing now and don`t want it bc I am busy ( other than webmastering).my main aim is growing my traffic to 100k or even 500 k per day.

I want to know in this situation and with these percents will i reach 200 k after 5 years later or not?

I want to be discussed more about the percents .

I think direct traffic is a good measurement for evaluating a website. it shows how your users like your website. is 7% good for direct traffic ?


every webmaster `s aim is traffic

That’s not true. Or, if it is, their aim is wrong. Traffic itself is meaningless. What matters is conversions.

A conversion is achieving the ultimate goal of the site. It might be to sell a product, to arouse interest in a service, to sign up people for a newsletter, to convert people to your religion, or simply to boost your ego. Whatever it is, that’s what you should be measuring, not mere footfall.

I want to know in this situation and with these percents will i reach 200 k after 5 years later or not?

As I said before, there’s absolutely no way anyone can know the answer to that. After all, you know much more about the site than anyone else. If you can’t predict your traffic, how do you expect anyone else to?


Yes. The more traffic your site gets the more money will come out of your wallet to pay for hosting. In terms of earning, you don’t earn based on your traffic numbers.

As @Mikl has rightly stated, conversions is what matters to marketing. Your percentages are pretty much the same as most websites I’ve managed or worked on, and they will probably stay around those values for the entirety of its existence. What you need to focus on is what you do with that traffic, because you could have several million visitors hit your site and you’ll earn absolutely nothing if you’re not handling those users correctly.

from 3 years ago I have had 60% progress per year. I mean every year my traffic has been increased 60%. maybe at future it will be continuing maybe not. I started this topic to ask you if it will be happened again or not regarding the details I said about my site.

I am funding with my time and money for reaching huge traffic .30k daily is not my aim.I want 500k daily.at least with 100k I will be satisfied.after that I will think about monetizing my website . it seems you do not agree with this policy , don`t you ?

[font=verdana]If you want to run your site as a public service, that’s fine. One of my sites, I run purely for enjoyment and because I know it is useful to other people. I get some revenue from advertising, but not enough to cover the cost of my time … but that doesn’t matter, because I’m not doing it for the money.

Is that what you’re doing? If so, that’s fine … but 100k visitors a day sounds like a lot of people to ask for if you’re not getting anything back from them.

If you want your website to be a business and to make a profit, you need to think now about how you’re going to achieve that. It’s no good building a website that has millions of visitors if you can’t find any way to make money from it … and the danger then is that any plans you do have for making money are likely to look like you’re just cashing in at your community’s expense, and that could drive a large chunk of your traffic away, which wouldn’t be helpful. Just having lots of visitors is no guarantee of income, so don’t assume that one automatically follows from the other.[/font]

problem is I am busy these years and even more busy later… at least for 6 years later. but after that i can more focus on my website. I plan during the busy times my aim is only making progressing of my statistic ,at least 60% (as I did during 8 years ago) to reach huge traffic and very papular.I don`t worry about monetizing the traffic…

I need more informations about direct traffic. do you think if 7% is good statistic for a site with 8 years history ? what is direct traffic of sitepoint for example ?

Completely agree with respectable advisors and mentors.

One more thing personally from me - if you want to understand your website standing from the perspective of traffic, you have to analyze the data over period of time.
For example, if I want to build my website and I have spent money on PPC campaign, what I’m really after is returning audience - it will be a good indication that my content is interesting to the people, and therefore my conversion rate (whether it’s sale, download, or subscription) is likely to be good.

Also, don’t forget about referral traffic.

hi , 86% from search engine is pretty good figure but what is the CTR% ?

Thanks all for your posts and advices

My aim at present is not getting money. I just want to be increased my traffic every year
60% as before.because I am busy now and have to do other things more important that my website.