Google analytics alternative

does anyone known a google alternative?

I’m looking for a script/tool/class/service which can give me statistics about my visitors in a invisible mode(without having to display their logo on the webpage)

Well for a start it completely ignores around 6-10% of your visitors and so the stats are always going to be significantly incorrect.

Why would anyone base stats off of JavaScript if they have access to the server log and so can use a more accurate stats program that includes ALL visitors instead of only some of them?

Here are a few alternatives of Google Analytics.


I think a better answer is in the form of a question:

Why do you want something different then Google Analytics?

Because Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics. In the end most people just need some ratio to gauge their traffic. So if they can account for 95% of their traffic and that part goes up, then hay!

Also a big percent of that 5-10% will be bots / spiders.

Lastly if they have Javascript turned off, do you think they will have Referral turned on? Most analytical applications rely on that for referrals and if you have anti-virus, then most of the time they disable that from your browser.

Anyways the question was much meant for the poster :slight_smile:

You can say alternative, but yes there are tools similar to Google Analytics.
Stat Counter is a good option. There are other good and big tool as well like Omniture and Webtrends.

do you pay for webtrends?