Alternate tool for PPC bid management except Google Adwords tool

Google Adwords tool adjusts itself for the bids for particular key words based on competitor biding activity. I would like to get over this. Therefore, I am looking forward to use any other third party tool which gives better results for bidding management for particular keywords. Can you any of this forum users suggest me a good alternate tool to handle the bid management effectively on Google Adwords

You need to adjust your settings to disable automatic bid optimization / placement targeting or you’ll have this problem no matter what the tool…

That said there’s a number of options from self service small management tools to enterprise. Can you give a sense of the size and scope of your campaign?

Thanks for your advice Ted. But I would like to practice with the third party tool which allows me to do effective bidding management thus increase the QS of the ad campaign. The scope is to decrease the CPC value as much as possible by increasing the QS of the ad campaign even the competitor increases the bid value more. We are targeting very few keywords and keyword phrases (say 15 keywords/ keyword phrases). Can you tell me which is the tool better suits my requirements and what are all the best way to do?

I’m not the best person to give advice for the appropriate tool at your campaign level but I’m sure someone will chime in with ideas soon given all the info you’ve provided.

I hope so and and looking forward.
Anyway thanks for your assistance Ted