Alternate texture to Google Maps

Anyone seen any service or ability to have a map service like Google Maps but that look more like Apple’s Maps they use for books (example: I’d like to use something more stylised than the typical Google maps.

(This probably won’t be a whole lot of help.)

OpenStreetMap is “a free editable map of the whole world.” I’ve never used it myself, but (supposedly) you only get data from them; no tiles or images.

So maybe one of the tile providers has a style you prefer.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even make the tiles yourself.

You can use the google maps API, but serve up a different tile set than the standard google ones. You could either make the tiles yourself based on openstreetmap data or get them from a provider. Since you want something more stylized you might have to do the job yourself.

Cool. Thanks all.