A Google Maps Alternative?


I’m working on a website right now that will feature a map of the globe on the front page. The map should be usable; like Google Maps. However, Google Maps has some problems, maybe just with us. It’s just been difficult to get things to work… things we don’t like:

  1. It has no support for flash in popup boxes (minor)
  2. It is slightly ugly
  3. bloated

The website will have “stars” or dots representing charitable organizations (such as humanitarian aid, volunteering opportunities, etc). We want a little box to appear when a dot is clicked; it will have a little information, a YouTube video (possibly), and a few links.

So, any suggestions for alternatives to Google Maps for this? Preferably open-source, of course!

Why not to use your own map, and try to position your point of interests out there.


Perhaps you may mean developing a customized map. :rolleyes:

There are softwares available in the market but not sure if they are OpenSource.

Not sure… I think that mappy.com (flash-based) sells this kind of software, I simply don’t think it is for free.

I can only think of companies that sell software for GPS… maybe you should be looking at companies that develop this kind of software.

Too bad. We’ll have to brainstorm about other options…

Forgot to say, thanks for your help everyone!

I mean to have an picture like the world map, and place point where interested.

Here is an example that i’ve created.



Found this old thread while search for ways to create a custom map. I found the ‘software in the market’ in the above refers to, by google for ‘map making software’. Just thought someone might also find this useful