All font on website suddenly italic?!?

Hi all. I woke up this morning to get a strange email from a client who I built a website for some years ago. She said all the font on the website had gone italic.

First thing I thought was she had changed the default font settings for her browser, but I decided to check anyway and she was right - all the font on the website had been changed to italic. So I did a few checks:

  • checked chrome on Mac (my default browser)
  • Safari Mac
  • IE9 on Windows 7

And they all showed italic font on the website. The website is

I inspected the code in Google Chrome and it looks like the entire website content is wrapped inside <em> tags. But when I view the page source the <em> tags do not show up (indicating they are being injected into the page somehow). I logged onto the website FTP and none of the files have been changed in months.

I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue before and had any ideas or solutions?

Thank you in advance!

On line 51 of the index page, there are some <em> tags that are out of balance. Match the tags and that will get rid of the italics.

Hey Ronpat - thanks mate! it turns out that is the twitter feed. Twitter must insert those <em>'s for some reason.
I’ve asked the client to change her latest tweet and that will hopefully fix the issue.

Case Closed!

You’re very welcome. Thanks for the feedback!