[Poll] Missing Fonts

I’m wondering how many see

and how many see

for this post

It is very high 🔙 and as best as I can tell, what is seen depends on what fonts are available on a users machine.

I often go by what I can see, but obviously this is not such a good thing to do. At least not for anything “important”

  • I see the “back”
  • I see the “box”

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I don’t see anything on Mac in Chrome. It doesn’t show up at all. But that seems to be because of the = marks underneath, because if I remove them, the word with the arrow appears.


Hmmm. I did that as the MarkDown equivalent of using tags for style.

i.e <h1>

Maybe it’s a “this font doesn’t have a bold” thing.

Here’s a non-h bold


And might as well try an italic


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I see squares for both

I have Windows7 (I haven’t upgraded to Windows10 yet)

This adds concern about what what unicode I would want to use in a live site.
I wonder if there is a “caniuse” type of site for unicode support. If display depends heavily on a certain font being supported, I wonder if there is a “web safe” limit.

I like having more glyphs, but I wouldn’t want site visitors to see “boxes” anymore than I would having them see “question marks in diamonds” etc.

To be fair, I’m on Debian Linux 8. I’ll boot up my Windows 10 machine and see what that indicates

I see squares in Windows 10 for both too (using Chrome)

Hmmm, I see “back” using Chrome latest.

Perplexing. What factors are involved? If it isn’t OS or browser, then what?
I have never intentionally installed any fonts and AFAIK have only the “default” fonts on my machine

IE Edge and Firefox both show the Back icon/text on Windows 10 though… so it is only Chrome that fails to show it… weird. Now to test Firefox on Linux :smile:

Edit: Firefox on Linux also refuses to show the icon/text.

Not for me. Firefox40 on Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 and I see the icon no problem.

On my PC, I don’t get either - I get two small empty boxes
On my mobile (Windows 7), I get the back arrow

All on one line, in both cases, not sure if that’s relevant.

Chromium Version 43.0.2357.130 Ubuntu 15.04 (64-bit)

I see this in @Mittineague’s original post:

Rather different arrow to Mittineague’s screenshot, but still an arrow.

And, of course, now I look more carefully, I see on FF what SuperTed’s seeing on Chromium.

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