Website Hosting using Alibaba Cloud Services

I have created a website using “React”. I am planning to host that website using “Alibaba Cloud”. How I can leverage the Alibaba Cloud Services for this website? How to proceed with the process?

I have understood that you want to deploy your React based application on Alibaba Cloud.
You have to realise what Alibaba cloud provides is the IaaS, which is Infrastructure as a Service. What we would be talking about is the runtime which is Node.JS. This makes things simpler.

  1. One way of doing this is to spin up a ECS Instance with Linux(or OS of your choice) install node runtime and import your project using some version control. Congrats you have deployed your application.
  2. The other way you would acheive this using Alibaba Cloud is to choose SAS(Simple application Server) which has integrations with Alibaba Cloud Domains and DNS. This will help you in exposing the application over the internet in no time.
  3. I currently didn’t see any PaaS Services as of now, But i believe they are working on it.

Try in above mentioned directions. Let me know how that goes for you.
Please do share if you find any better way.

To host your website/web application on Alibaba Cloud, you need to provision an Elastic Compute Service(ECS) instance and install an operating system during the setup.

Since you are new to the platform, I would recommend Ubuntu 16.04, 64 bit versions. A disk space of about 40GB and a 2GB RAM should be a good start.

When creating the ECS instance, you need to choose the appropriate data center depending on your location.

Once the ECS instance is created, you can use its internet/public IP address to connect to it using an SSH client like PuTTY if you are using Windows on your local computer. If you have Linux/Mac on your local computer, use the built-in terminal command.

Once you SSH to your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance, you need to install some packages to create a web server for your web application.

These include:

  • Apache or NGINX web server
  • MySQL database as the backend for your application
  • PHP and any other scripting language required by your application.

As always, you should ensure that your have safeguarded your server by installing applications like UFW, Fail2Ban e.t.c

Once the web server is setup, you can upload your website files on the server using an FTP client like Filezilla.

Finally, you should point your domain A record to the IP address associated with your ECS instances.

For a quick guide on provisioning Ubuntu 16.04 server on Alibaba Cloud, consider reading this guide.

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