Any One knows which version of Firefox Google toolbar Supported?

Do you have any idea? For which version of Firefox support Google toolbar. I really Confused, i have tried about 15 times more but not installed. please any one knows about that please help me.

Google toolbar for Firefox is compatible with Firefox version 4 and older. Google toolbar is not compatible with Firefox version 5 and newer. For any sort of knowledge about Google you can click help menu in Firefox and then choose Firefox help.

[FONT=verdana]It’s true that the toolbar is only officially supported in Firefox 4 and below. However, it’s possible to use it in later versions as well, although it does involve a bit of effort.

This article explains the steps: Recover the Google Toolbar in Firefox

In theory, the toolbar is less useful in later verions, because some of its features are now provided within the browser. But I still prefer to use the original toolbar. I am currently using FireFox 14 with the Google toolbar, and it works perfectly.


If you actually want to use Google toolbar then you have to install Firefox version 4. Otherwise Google toolbar is not completely compatible other newer versions.

If i need new features of Firefox and the Google toolbar also then what i have to do for that…any Idea please help me…


The article I mentioned tells you what to do. Did you read it yet?


I gave up on the toolbar years ago. As mentioned, there alternatives now. For example, there are sites that tell you a page’s PageRank, although that’s not worth much these days anyway.

according to me Firefox version 4 is compatible to google toolbar…I’ve recently installed toolbar…

From now on, any posts saying that the toolbar is compatible with FF4 will be considered fluff.