Ahh newbie help please! How can I make my logo editable?

I am trying to prepare some artwork for a printer, but she has told me that I need to save as curves and outlines as the url strap line and logo within my file was not editable. I managed to save the url text as outlines, but has told me that the logo within the artwork needs to be editable as well. Please could someone tell me how to achieve this? I do apologise if this is a dupe’ question - I did search the forums for an answer before posting! I have looked for a solution in both Id, Ai and Ps with no luck.

If anyone could help I’d be very grateful! Many thanks in advance!

If I understand your situation correctly, you need to have your artwork created in a vector-based format with a tool such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Bitmap-based formats as produced by Photoshop and other tools do not scale well–you’ll see distortion and artifacts as you try to resize the art.

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basically what your printer wants is the ORIGINAL (‘source’) files for your logo ( he must be needing to edit your design). IF your logo was created in PS, this is an UNFLATTENED file with all the layers ( and you will probably have to send the fonts along too). if PS was NOT usedin the creation of your logo any vector file format or vector EPS or PDF will suffice.

hope that helps