Need text in logo changed but don't have the tools/skills

Hello all -

I have a logo that I’ve been using for years, but recently I converted from a corp to an LLC so I need to change the company name. Easy, right? But, I’m abroad and I don’t have the tools (or know how, really) to make the modification. I do have the logo in eps, ai, and a few other formats.

How can I find someone to make this tiny change? I need to get it to the printer over here and the girl that usually does production design is on holiday!! Gotta get this tiny job done :slight_smile:

thanks, Dave

The right way to do it is to use the vector formats .eps or .ai, because they are resizable to whatever size you want.

You might as well try to change it yourself, since it is only text. Use Illustrator, Inkscape(free) or other software which works with vectors, and just edit the text. A designer could take 2 minutes, but it shouldn’t take you more than an hour, and you will have learned something new.

Thanks for the advice, but like I said I don’t have the tools or really the interest in learning something new. I’m trying to get a print run started as quickly as possible.

you can learn it yourself. just Google everything. I learn web design on my own.

upload the files somwhere preferably the .ai AND the fonts if you know what they are and post a link to them. if the fonts aren’t a problem i can do the change for you :wink: