Age of webpage

hi guys, can any tell me how to find out the age of a particular webpage? I dont want the age of the domain or some thing else… Its quite obvious that age of every page in a website is not same. please help

Short of contacting the owner of the site, there is no way. can give you a clue, but there is no definitive way.

thank u, i think this is one of the page rank factor

WhoIs records surely tells you the age of a domain. Just go to domaintools and search with the site url and it will show you many records for that site. From there u can see the date when the domain was registered, simple!

whois net is a great way to get al kinds of info including domain age

Age of a web site? The domain records might give you some indication or you can go to and enter the domain… to see older versions of the web site.

BUT… what does it matter? Important for you (to improve SERP) is your site’s content, SEO, and promotion. If your targeted keywords are highly competitive them look at what your top competition has done (is doing) to get their SERP (However, I would have expected your SEO person would have done that).

You can use to check the approximate age of a website on the Internet.

or you can use siteuri dot org to check the approximate age of a website on the Internet.

this is the factor which give more important when site is seo friendly.

Thank u guys, but i want age of paticular page , when its uploaded or indexed by any search engine…

Strange… Never thought of that…

I think domain age is all that matters… Page age is easy to get from sites running a CMS that show when it was created, however I am not aware of any technique to find page age otherwise.

Except that this is simply the date that is stored in a database and can easily be manipulated. You can do it either by deleting the page within the CMS and recreating it (i.e. same url but today’s date) or by SQLing the db. It does give a good indication though.

thank u guys

You can always use whois to get the age of a domain, buddy. But I don think there is any way by which you can get the age of a single webpage or even pages for that matter. :rolleyes:

thx buddy

oops, great thought, but poorly no perfect way to find it unless you can find date on that webpage (which is surely not on the page you are looking for)

You can estimate the age by whois checkup of domain. :slight_smile:
but that’s just estimate.

I strongly recommend googling “whois domain.” Type in the link and it will show you the age and their SEO rankings in terms of having good meta tags and such.

I think age of a site has alot to do with page rank. You just have to analyse some of the old sites that come up high in search to realise that beside age and consequent PR they are not to SEO savvy!

page rank is not factor to identify age of website, i have seen lot of site very old domain but no page rank