I need Help - AGE DOMAIN is not set (domain.es) What can I do


** Several weeks I’ve been trying to google.es recognize old information from my domain duiq.es, according webs positioning software does not. Unable to establish the age of the domain, which is 4 years!!!. This would greatly help my rankings!!!

*** My domain provider says everything is correct, do not know what I can do. It appears that the data leave and seoprofiler.com/ alexa.com


I check age your website by web.archive.org then it 4 year. But I think the age of the site it does not affect the rank

Thanks for your answer,

some tools are right with that whois information, but the vast majority and not google.
** And yes, the domain age a factor very important positioning

You mean UNimportant.

The biggest effect the age has is that the older it is the more links people have had time to build that point to it.

I think the age of the website affecting the ranks. The age of domain on whois does reflect the age of website

Yes cndomainsite. How can I touch that whois of my domain?

Age of your domain affects the site ranking little bit because of its popularity and age tells that how many years your site is in the internet field.