Age of a website

how to know the Age of a website?

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Try this:

Another free tool to use in getting age of a website.

I use :slight_smile:

I think is the best tool for to know the detail about your domain or any other domain. Check the detail on here -

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Really nice and I like this website highly recomended to check the domain age.\Thanks

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Use Whois or SEOquake.

And if you want to get the idea of how the website looked a few years ago, have a look at Internet Wayback Machine.


For more information I use

As @joesatterly suggested, the is very useful and has archives from the web in different categories.

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I got some results for while searched on here is the url and Snap shot will you help me out to understand what exactly i found back.


Result’s Snap shoot!! (image was taking too much time while i click to upload my SS then used an online photo editor to generate a url for my ss


I’m not sure I understand your question, @gomsabigail990.

Your screenshot is not of information for, but of various alternatives which are available to register. The information about the domain you are researching will be elsewhere on that page.

Exactly instead of showing me results for that site’s domain age it’s giving me suggestions and couldn’t find any results for while the other tool showing me results that domain was registered in October, 2014.

I’m not seeing any problem with the information.

Your screenshot seems to be from the page for buying a domain, rather than the page for “whois” information.


Yeah i guess i had done something wrong while using that tool, thanks for you guides

I typically use to search my Whois and I generally use the website to purchase my domains. Both I believe offer the same thing. They offer domain sales and they offer Whois services. But for the Whois website, it’s not right there on the page so people tend to be mislead that this service doesn’t have a Whois service. You have to search up the domain and then from the results, there’s a Whois button if the domain is taken. Where as, that whole subdomain is dedicated for Whois services.

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Can also use works good.


You can use is a website) to find the age of website.

Go to smallseotools its free and there are many more free site which tells you the age of domain

I don’t think we need to keep repeating the same information, especially as the OP is no longer with us.

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