Advice wanted: website strategy for a dot mobi domain: [state].mobi

Greet all. :slight_smile:

I have a dot MOBI domain with the format of [a-state/province-name].mobi , thinking about create a website for that domain.

Seeking advice of content strategy for such domain.

What might be a good fit? e.g Travel info? Local news for mobile device? …

Your 2 cent will be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Really the sky is the limit on what you can do. What services or information areas are under-serviced in your state/province? You might consider looking at news, but first make sure that local T.V. and newspapers are already not offering mobile news services, because they can likely ‘beat you up’ in terms of types and regularity of news updates.

Is there a niche market or area in your province or state that you have knowledge about? If so, then maybe consider doing something in regards to this niche area.

You need to find something that people will want to visit on their mobiles.


Thank you ServerStorm, inspired.

You could also think of providing information on motels, hotels, hospitals etc, the most sought places which people usually look out for using mobiles. This information wouldn’t consume much of the database space and at the same time it would be a vital piece of information.

Good idea. Thanks for the idea.