SEO for main site and m dot version

I run a website at and I’m in the process of creating a mobile version of the same content and placing it on the subdomain From the main site I intent to redirect all mobile devices to the mobile version.

But what do I do SEO wise? I don’t wanna be penalized for duplicate content. Would it make sense to hide the mobile version for search engines using robots.txt?

Thanks in advance.

As long as it’s not a gigantic site, it may be better to make it a ‘responsive design’ that adjusts to various devices.

I agree that would probably be the best solution. Sadly I just don’t have the skills for it.

It’s simpler than building a whole new site, though. What skills do you have? If you built the current site, I’m sure you have the skills to tweak it a little.

Why can’t you use a seperate CSS sheet?

I wouldn’t worry about the SEO, the worst that can happen is that Google consider it dup content and ignore it.

I’d echo the above thoughts and go with a mobile stylesheet, or possibly looking into some sort of Responsive Design, as long as you’re doing both correctly.

Mobile optimization tips,

  • Add a separate Sitemap for your mobile website
  • Google has separate mobile crawlers, so your User-agent should be Googlebot- Mobile
  • Use for your mobile website
    Read this blog post for more details,

Thank you all for great advice. You’ve been very helpfull.